Welcome to Azores Networks And the Ultimate Broadband Experience.

As FTTX and Wi-Fi networks have evolved to open architectures, Azores has committed itself to providing open solutions for every type of network.  While other companies continue to limit their ONT and Wi-Fi choices, Azores continues to grow its portfolios to meet our customers’ growing applications and requirements. 

During these trying times with Supply Chain concerns, Azores has secured multiple sources for its products for any size of deployment from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands.  Azores has the capacity to manufacture in multiple countries with multiple suppliers of components.  The product technology service team provides customers with comprehensive technical support and services. Azores prides itself on its products and software to deliver the quality expected from its customers.   

  • Slogan

    The ultimate Broadband Experience!

  • Corporate Culture

    Innovation,Customer-centric, Integrity

  • Company Mission and Vision

    Azores deeply recognizes/understands the network and application requirements of enterprises in the rapidly developing information age; as a result, Azores adopts leading/foremost innovations involving products and services with competitive market value in helping/aiding/assisting customers in providing clever/wise and efficient solutions for end-users, allowing them to go online faster, enjoy the wonderful resources online, and contribute maximally to society.



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